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Gold Coast Region
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Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america

Photo Finish of the month Dec 2023

Alec D. submitted this photo of his 2004 Boxster S and his dad’s 1999 996. From
early childhood, Alec’s dad Steven instilled in him a love for Porsche, not only as a
brand, but as a car and a lifestyle of fun with a car. To the family, Porsches are
more than just cars or hobbies.  They are a connection to a community that loves and
values the same ideas, raw thrills and the pinnacle of driving.  
Growing up, Alec’s dad owned a few different 911’s (930 Turbo and a few different
996’s), and met his mom Tina, when he put a deposit on his first Boxster. A few years
ago, Alec got the opportunity to get his first Porsche, and everything aligned in the right
way to get this amazing 2004 Boxster S. Alec said, “The Boxster was responsible for
me being on this planet, so it was fitting to have this be my first entrance into the
Porsche life.” 
The other Porsche in this photo is his dad’s 1999 996. The family lived in NYC for
about eight years and during that time they no longer had a need for a fun car. Fast
forward a few years, and separate unconnected relocations of Alec and his parents to
Florida, Steven bought a Z4. When Steven drove Alec’s Boxster, he remembered the
thrill of a Porsche and needed one again. Out of chance, a friend in
Massachusetts recommended this 996 that was being sold by an acquaintance.  A few
days later, Steven got on a plane, picked up the car and had a fun road trip back down
to Florida. 
Alec’s Boxster is currently at 130,000 miles and he has been learning a lot about the
joys of maintaining a car of this caliber. Alec does a lot of general maintenance himself,
which has been a blast for him, but it also has given him a more thorough knowledge of
how and why these cars react the way they do when you whip them around.  
Alec took this photo with a Nikon D500.

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