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Gold Coast Region
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Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
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Driver’s Education

Driver Education events are an opportunity to learn to drive your car on a real racetrack. You will drive in a run group of similarly skilled drivers and an instructor will be assigned to guide you through the entire process. Participating in a DE event will allow you to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to drive safely at a high rate of speed. The goal is to have safe, high- speed fun.

When you participate in DEs, you become a different, better and safer driver. You develop a set of skills and reflexes that are useable in your daily driving on city streets, country roads, and highways. It is the type of experience that is invaluable for any driver.

Don’t be selfish! DEs are good for the whole family! Don’t leave your significant other and/or children out of all the fun!

Each DE is also a social event at the track. We drive on the track for 1-2 hours a day (instructors drive with a student, so their track time is double that), but the rest of the time is ours to wander through the parking area (paddock) and socialize with other Porsche enthusiasts and their nice cars. It’s an enjoyable day filled with friends that have a common interest. This alone makes DEs worth going to. Even if you are not driving in the DE you are welcome to come out and spend the day with us. At the end of a DE most of us are pretty tired but it takes days to get the grins off of our faces.

Your First Event

Initially, you will need to sign up for the event at or and pay the applicable fee. Now would also be a good time to download the track map and flag definitions to review before the event. These are available on our website.

The morning of your first DE can be a real nail-biter. With any luck, this overview will help you take some of the angst out of what will likely be one of the most thrilling days of your driving life!

For starters, prior to the event, review your schedule. The schedule is usually provided by email a week or two before the event. This information will provide you with a basic understanding of your schedule for the weekend.

It is also a good idea to review the flags at this time. You will typically receive the flags at the same time you receive the schedule. Flags are the means by which the tower and corner workers communicate with you while you’re on track. It is absolutely essential that you memorize the flags and know what they mean.

Make sure to have your car “teched” before you arrive on the day of your DE event. Use the map below to locate your nearest tech station. Dont forget to download, print and take the PCA Minimum Standard Drivers Education Technical Inspection Form from the “Additional Files” section below. The Tech Stations will check for tire wear, brake pad wear and fluid leakage among other items. All items must be repaired (if necessary) before you come to the track so make sure you go for your tech a week or two before the event so that you have enough time. The Tech Station will provide you with a tech form (the one you brought with you from the website!) indicating that you passed the inspection. Be sure to bring the form to tech in the morning as you will need it.

PCA Tech Stations – 2024

On the morning of your DE event, arrive early. The driver meeting is usually at 8:00 a.m. Prior to that time you will need to register and go through tech (again). At tech you will need to provide the form you received from the Tech Station. In addition, you will need to show the people at tech that you have a helmet that is SA 2015 or newer. A helmet is required and there are no loaners available.

Now head over to the driver meeting which usually starts at 8:00 a.m. There you will be given track and safety information. You will then be paired up with your instructor for a fun-filled day of driving!

Additional Files

Dennis Lai Put together this great video of his first track event with his 911 Carrera S doing High Performance Drivers Education
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