Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america
Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america

Gold Coast’s Presidential History

The Porsche Club of America, Gold Coast Region, has a rich history of leadership that has spanned several decades. The table below provides a comprehensive list of the dedicated individuals who have served as the club’s president since its inception. From its earliest days with Chuck Wick in 1964 to the current leadership of Peter Olliviere, each president has played a pivotal role in shaping the club’s legacy and ensuring its continued success. We honor and appreciate the commitment and passion of each of these leaders who have contributed to the club’s growth and prominence in the Porsche community.

Gold Coast Past Presidents
1964 Chuck Wick 1965 Jim Pete
1966 Walt Lohmann 1967 Bob Simmons
1968 Stan Pearlman 1969 Lee Wood
1970 Buz Hahn 1971 Don Eliezer
1972 Bud Styles 1973 George Houser
1974 Mike Joffee 1975 Bill Alexander
1976 Klaus Bitterauf 1977 Mike Joffee
1978-79 Stan Pearlman 1980 Percy Lunn
1981 Charlie Jones 1982 Kyle Rathbun
1983-84 George Houser 1985-86 Ken Fengler
1987-88 Susan Trapp 1988-90 Mike Tarter
1991-92 Jim Hayes 1993 Jerry Remillard
1994 Lou Gonzalez 1995-96 Bob Varela
1997 Mike Tarter 1998 Sam Petrocelli
2006-07 Roger Fabel 2008-09 Dan Smithyman
2010-12 Steve Kidd 2013-14 Mike Grant
2015-16 Ed Kohly 2017-18 Dan Doyle
2019-20 Steve Kidd 2021- Peter Olliviere

Gold Coast Region

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Gold Coast Region
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