Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america
Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america

2018-2019 Autocross Classes

Mid-Size By Class

All4 Cylinder I01M01
All4 Cylinder Turbo I01M02
All6 Cylinder to 2399cc I01M01
All6 Cylinder 2400-3199 cc I02M02
All6 Cylinder 3200 & Above I02M02
All6 Cylinder Turbo I02M02
1948-1965356 S01P01
1965-1969912 S01P01
1976912E S01P01
1970-1975914/4 S01P01
1976-1982924 S01P01
2003-OnCayenne S01P01
2003-2010Cayenne S S01P01
2011-OnCayenne Hybrid S01P01
2013-OnCayenne Diesel S01P01
2014-OnMacan S01P01
2011-OnPanamera S01P01
1986-1988924S S02P02
1979-1982924 Turbo931S02P02
1983-1989944 S02P02
1970-1972914/6 S02P02
1970-1972914/6 S02P02
1965-1969911 S02P02
1970-1971911 S02P02
1972-1973911 S02P02
1974-1977911 S02P02
1978-1986928/928S S03P03
1987-1995928S4/CS/GT/GTS S03P03
1978-1983911SC S03P03
1984-1989911 Carrera S03P03
1989911 Speedster S03P03
1986-1989944 Turbo951S03P03
1989-1991944S2 S04P04
1992-1995968 S04P04
1992-1993911 America Rdstr964S04P04
1989-1994911 Carrera964S04P04
1993-1994911 RS America964S04P04
1994911 Speedster964S04P04
1976-1989911 Turbo930S05P05
1995-1998911 Carrera993S05P05
2000-2004Boxster S986S05P05
2005-2012Boxster S 987S06P06
2013-2016Boxster S981S06P06
2006-2012Cayman S987S06P06
2013-2016Cayman S981S06P06
1990-1994911 Turbo965S06P06
1999-2005911 Carrera996S06P06
2005-2012911 Carrera997S06P06
2012-On911 Carrera991S06P06
2018-On911 Carrera T991S06P06
1995-1998911 Turbo993S07P07
2005-2008911 Carrera S997S07P07
2012-On911 Carrera S991S07P07
2015-On911 Carrera GTS991S07P07
2017-OnBoxster S718S07P07
2017-OnBoxster GTS718S07P07
2010-2012Boxster Spyder987S07P07
2016Boxster Spyder981S07P07
2011-2012Cayman R987S07P07
2017-OnCayman S718S07P07
2014-2016Cayman GTS981S07P07
2017-OnCayman GTS718S07P07
2005-2008911 Carrera S X51997S08P08
2009-2012911 Carrera S997S08P08
2002-2005911 GT2996S08P08
2008-2012911 GT2/GT2RS997S08P08
2018-On911 GT2RS991S08P08
2004-2005911 GT3996S08P08
2006-2011911 GT3997S08P08
2014-On911 GT3991S08P08
2006-2011911 GT3RS997S08P08
2016-On911 GT3RS991S08P08
2010-2012911 GTS and Spdstr997S08P08
2016911 R991S08P08
2001-2005911 Turbo996S08P08
2007-2012911 Turbo997S08P08
2014-On911 Turbo991S08P08
2004-2005Carrera GT980S08P08
2015-2016Cayman GT4981S08P08
Gold Coast Region

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