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What is an Autocross?
An autocross is a competitive, driving event, in which a car is timed over a course laid out on a paved area (often a large parking lot) and is marked by short, soft road pylons (cones). An autocross is skill challenging but is always educational and social. No passing is allowed and the cars are to be spread out on the course so as to maintain a safe distance between them. Continuous laps are specifically prohibited at Goldcoast region events. The Autocross chair or his designee will evaluate the course prior to the start of the event. In addition, the Chair will designate worker/safety stations close to the course to keep a close eye on each car as it progresses thru the course. Safety is always a top priority.

To address the specific questions about The PCA/GCR Autocross events, We’ve put together a simple Q and A. Should you need more information please feel free to contact Steve or Dottie Kidd at 954-946-3196

Q Is Autocrossing dangerous or will it hurt my car?
A.  While there are inherent dangers to any type of motorsport, Autocrossing is considered one of the safest. At GCR, we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and keep safety a top priority. The traffic cones used to mark the course are soft rubber and will not damage your car.

Q. Do I need a helmet?
A.  Yes, however, we do have some loaner helmets available for 1st timers.

. Do I need to get my car Tech inspected prior to the event or do anything special?
. We inspect your car at the AutoX site. Our tech inspection is not as comprehensive as one for a drivers education, however, the basics include, but are not limited to, cleaning everything out of your car, no bald tires, proper tire inflation, and lug nut torquing, no fluid leaks, and firm brake pedal and no excessive steering play. Basically, the newer, low mileage cars that are properly maintained should not need any extra work. Generally, older cars will receive a more thorough review and should be in a good, safe roadworthy condition.

Q.  When do events usually start and finish?
A.   Our events start around 7:30 am and typically run till about 4:00 pm. We typically have 50-80 Participants at each event. Typically each competitor gets 5-8 runs.

Q.  What about noise and safety?
A.   All vehicles are safely inspected prior to the event and excessive noise is not permitted.

Q.  What about restroom facilities? Food / Water / alcohol ?
A.  1 porta-let is typically delivered to the site. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own snacks or lunch. Water and soft drinks are usually available for sale. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

Q. What about newcomers? Can I get some instruction?
A. Glad, you asked! Newcomers are encouraged to get involved and instruction is provided at each event by some of our National Champion instructors. Here are some of the details about our AutoX instruction that is offered at each event to 1st timers which are designed to get more newcomers out to the Autox site and watch, participate, and hopefully become regular competitors. In a nutshell, here’s how it works. Potential newcomers are identified during the Pre-registration process. In most cases, e-mails or phone calls are exchanged to help take the edge off. A special run group/class is available for newcomers called our S/N class for the stock novice. This means no significant past motorsport experience and a completely stock car. After the driver meeting, all newcomers meet with the event chair for a special meeting to make sure all is ok, and an instructor is assigned to ride along and assist. In most cases, a student will get input from multiple instructors and let the student ride with the instructor when they run. We even have special awards for newcomers!

Soooo. What are you waiting for? Come one out to our next AutoX and join in the Fun check the Kassette or Gold coast region website for event dates and locations.

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