Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
porsche club of america
Gold Coast Region
Gold Coast Region
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Instructor School

Instructors: Fellowship of the Fearless

It is not every day that one becomes a PCA instructor. In fact, for many, it never happens at all! Instructor School happens typically only once a year. Some instructors are born that way but most of the rest of us need a little school to make us instructors. Instructor School is offered once or twice per year at various tracks in the region. It is usually a two day event meant to teach instructors how to be instructors. Needless to say, it isn’t all fun and games! Or is it?

Without getting into the nitty gritty of the inner workings of Instructor School, there is the typical class room instruction. In addition, there is often a “track walk” that gives potential instructors a view of the track that many never see – one while walking on the track that you’ve driven at high speed. While walking the track, potential instructors learn things that can only be learned from this view point – things that they will hopefully pass on to their intrepid students. You’ll have to attend the school to learn these finer points!

The most fun and interesting part of Instructor School includes the in-car teaching sessions. This is where current instructors “pretend” to be students in an effort to educate potential instructors on how to deal with common problems associated with beginner and intermediate drivers. There is something about the “practical” section of the school that lends itself to “pretend” students becoming quite a handful!

After two days of instruction, unfortunately, not everyone makes the cut. Only the best and the brightest are fleeted up to the Fellowship of the Fearless!

Being an instructor is both challenging and rewarding. Instructors’ hard work and dedication to the sport are much appreciated and absolutely necessary to keep DE going.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact the DE Chairperson or the DE Registrar. Instructor school only happens once or twice per year so stay tuned!

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